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Bubbles in the wine/Ball of fire/It´s almost tomorrow/Lisbon Antigua/Flirtation Waltz/The Darktown Strutters Ball/Og Way, Og Way/Wake the wotn and tell the people/Oh, happy day/Moritat - A theme from "The Threepenny Opera"/Rustic Dance/Beer Barrel Polka/Jenny Lind/Pennsylvania Polka/Champagne Polka/Sunrise Serenade/Twilight time in Tennessee/Autumn Nocturne/Moonlight Cocktail/Jeannine (I dream of Lilac Time)/Stars in my eyes/The Waltz you saved for me/The Champagne Waltz/When the Organ Played at Twilight/A Blues Serenade/Tiwlight Time/Musette/WHen Irish Eyes Are Smiling/McNamara´s Band/A little bit of heaven/Ireland must be heaven for my mother came from there/Blue (and broken hearted)/Lola O´Brien The Irish Hawaiian/Luxembourg Polka/Sam, The Old Accordion Man/My Song/Dill Pickles/What´s a wrong/THe heart you break/Look back and laugh/I wish we were sweethearts again/There is no greater love/Begorrah/Moments to remember/The very Thought of you/The anniversary waltz/Something to remember you by

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